April 22, 2022

More than a therapy vendor

Today, the need for employee workplace mental health and wellness solutions is unprecedented. It is well documented that an increasing number of Americans have been struggling with mental health challenges especially over the last several years. By some accounts, nearly half of your employees are currently or have been suffering from mental health issues in the past year alone.

Of these employees – only a few are actually getting the help they need and most likely those few are getting some sort of treatment in the form of therapy/psychiatry sessions or medication management.

Because most serious mental health issues and emergencies develop over a long period of time – more often than not, individuals have a mentality of “I don’t need help yet”. By our read, most workplace mental health solutions ignore the long onset of workplace mental struggles.

The impact of daily small but persisting mental health struggles such as workplace stress, lack of focus, reduced motivation or productivity, and psychological unsafe work environments builds incrementally into larger more serious issues such as burnout, chronic depression, work attrition, or expensive treatment for serious conditions or episodes.

We are here to change that mentality of “I don’t need help yet” and make the case for investing early in the mental health of your employees so that you address the low-grade problems before they become high-grade problems.

Mindworx is different because we build these prevention components of mental wellness into your corporate planning.

We focus on prevention-based solutions such as training and education to help your employees identify issues, address challenges, and manage symptoms early. We help individuals build a plan, keep to a routine, and have a clear path towards a healthy mind and body.

Our programming also allows individuals to nurture their mental health at work and at home through live digital sessions coupled with an entire library of self-guided curriculum – written and produced by mental health experts.

And when things get harder and individuals need a little more help in their mental health journey, we have a first-class team of coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists on staff to help out.

Most other plans will sell a broad national network of therapists – but these programs are heavily weighted on the care for people who are already demonstrating symptoms or those willing to admit they exhibit symptoms of mental health distress.

We believe that companies relying on a vendor therapy network will experience the same issues next year (burnout, turnover, stressed employees, absenteeism) as they are this year – if not worse. They are blind to the fact that problems that will manifest in 2024 are already developing and in progress today.

We are not a vendor – we want to work with you to provide long term solutions and not just slap a Band-Aid on issues in the workforce now. We truly believe in being your Mental Health Partner in the progress towards employee wellbeing.

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