Whether it’s personal or professional, a Mindworx Coach will help you create a forward-thinking plan of action for your life. Together, you will set new goals and build lasting habits that set you up for a stronger, more fulfilling future.

Types of Coaching

Let’s break down what type of coaching is right for you.

Life Coaching

Our life coaching programs help you tap into your strength, passion, and confidence to overcome the challenges and unexpected changes life throws at you. Our plans of action help you gain a clear focus on your life goals, purpose and objectives that align with your core values in order to live a thriving life.

Professional Coaching

Our professional coaching programs help take your career or business to an aspiring new level. By developing new skill sets and habits, you will be empowered to make informed decisions about your career path or business trajectory. This solution-based approach focuses on aligning with your core values and strengthening your professional talents.

What You Need to Know

Coaching provides you with a plan of action to achieve your goals for overall well-being and fulfillment. Coaching sessions can be booked weekly, based on your coach’s availability.  Six sessions are recommended after your initial session.

What We Treat

Goal-Based Coaching

Health-Behavior Change

Self Audit

Identify & Develop Strengths

Action Planning

Accountability & Motivation

What to Expect

Mindworx Coaching focuses on outer actions with measurable results. The goal of coaching is to support you in making concrete changes within your life, whether that’s personal or professional. Your Mindworx Coach will help you set individual goals, work with you on a plan of action to reach these goals, and measure your progress throughout the program’s sessions.

Questions about making an appointment, finding the right therapist, and more are all discussed in our FAQs. Or, schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.

*During COVID-19, we are offering individual & group teletherapy for new and existing clients.

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