Kaitlyn Isabella Randall

Kaitlyn Isabella Randall


Kaitlyn Isabella Randall is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a U.S. Army Reserves Officer. Her educational background includes cooking expertise from the Culinary Institute of America in New York, a bachelor of science degree in dietetics with a minor in military science from Central Michigan University, the completion of the Keith & Associates distance dietetic internship program, and a master’s degree in nutrition and human performance with a focus in nutritional wellness from Logan University in Missouri.

Having been born and raised in Germany, Kaitlyn has a vast understanding of working with globally diverse populations and she loves learning about other cultures. The vast majority of her experience has been in the sports and performance nutrition realm; she has worked closely with the Army Special Forces community and she was an olympic sports dietitian for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While completing her graduate degree, Kaitlyn developed a strong passion for the gut-brain-microbiota axis and how diet can greatly impact cognition, mental health, and overall brain optimization.

Outside of neuroscience nutrition, Kaitlyn enjoys developing fermentation projects in her home kitchen in addition to other healthy yet delectable delights. She also loves traveling with her husband, an active-duty Army officer, and staying fit through weightlifting, cycling, hiking, and yoga. She is extremely motivated to teach others how to reach their full mental, physical, and emotional potential through diet and to help people realize that healthy food can be delicious and easy to make!

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Kaitlyn Isabella Randall