January 19, 2022

Thursday Digest – January

Take a look at what articles, podcasts, and videos the Mindworx family is enjoying this week!

Wearable Technology for Mental Health

Lisa Berman, Mindworx Medical Director, is reading an article from the American Psychological Association which offers in-depth descriptions of different types of wearable technology that have been developed for mental health purposes. It discusses the pros and cons of this emerging technology and how it differs from current apps and smartphones.

Thread: 20 Cognitive Biases

Greg Meredith, Mindworx CEO, is enjoying this Twitter thread from user @SahilBloom, which explores Cognitive Biases. The thread lists 20 different cognitive biases that humans tend to experience and offers definitions as well as explanations to help people “think clearly and make better decisions”.

5 Pieces of Mental Health Advice to Give You Strength in 2022

Mike Porta, Mindworx Vice President, is reading up on important mental health tips for the new year. This article from the L.A. Times offers readers advice on how to combat feelings of anxiety in 2022.

Why HR Leaders Need to Remind Employees to Take Time Off

Dustin Brown, Mindworx Head of Marketing, is reading an article about experiencing burnout in the workplace. It talks about the importance of business leaders understanding that their employees have lives outside of the office, as well as the importance of having mental health resources available company-wide.

Virtual Reality Transports Nurses from the COVID Floor to Paradise

Carson Griffith, Mindworx Intern, is enjoying a fascinating article detailing new Virtual Reality technology that is being used for mental health purposes. The article describes the positive effects this technology has had on nurses who are battling stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.

Sayana – Mental Self-Care for Everyone, Everywhere

Dave Amdurer, Mindworx Co-Founder,  is studying up on the company Sayana, which has recently merged with Headspace Health. Sayana is a mental health app that strives to help users with sleep, work productivity, and stress.