A people-first approach to mental health prevention and care that helps employees and companies perform to their potential.


Be prepared,
plan ahead.

Customized mental health plans designed to help you prepare for employee mental health issues and crises if and when needed.


Proactive vs. Reactionary.

Regularly scheduled prevention-based training and education programs are customized to help identify issues, address challenges, and manage symptoms early.


Achieve success-healthily.

Employees and companies can perform to their fullest potential without contributing to ‘Burnout Culture’. Healthy Success means achieving in a way that contributes to work/life balance, motivation, and growth.

Healthy. Empowered. Growing.

The core of Mindworx programming is education & training developed by our team of clinicians and coaches. Our plans equip individuals with a diverse set of tools to provide the right solutions at the right time.

Build your mental health plan with Mindworx

Connect with us today to build your corporate wellness plan with our workplace wellbeing experts.

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Build a Better Workplace Mental Health Plan

Join Mindworx Clinical Director, Dr. Lisa Berman to learn about how we build a comprehensive and customized mental health plan for your employees to improve productivity, performance, retention and more.

Take the preventative measures required to reduce the risk of burnout and serious mental illness in your workplace.

Dr Lisa Berman
Dr. Lisa Berman
Mindworx Clinical Director

Experience Prevention-Based Mental Health

Curious how to incorporate prevention-based mental health programs into your offices? Take 10-minutes and listen to the Mindworx coaching team as we take you through an example of a live coaching workshop available to our customers and their employees.

Cecily Crow
Senior Coach

What people are saying about Mindworx….

Mindworx’s customized approach has been largely responsible for a significant increase in one on one counseling sessions vs. our existing EAP. They are easy to work with, think creatively and effectively communicate with employees.”

– Jane, HR Director & Benefits Coordinator

They truly care about every employee’s needs and are accessible seven days a week. They provide real time data on utilization, employee needs assessments and education.

– Mike, Business Leader

I learned about Mindworx via my job, which was offering this service to its employees. I was at first hesitant to sign up, but so glad I did! was coached through various scenarios I had going on and coming up in my life. Working with my Mindworx Coach  really helped me in the areas of my life where I needed guidance.

– Sarah, Corporate Employee Member

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Build your mental health plan with mindworx

Connect with us today to build your corporate wellness plan with our workplace wellbeing experts

Your Employee Mental Health Starts here